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Before you create your account and login, there are some very basic rules for this chat site which are in place to keep things flowing smoothly. Please read and adhere to them before registering/posting. Violators will be booted without further warning.

1] Be respectful. Be civil. Outright rudeness will not be tolerated. You might get away with the occasional snarky comment or condescending attitude, but don't make a habit of it or you will get booted.

1b] Personal attacks, flaming, racism, sexism, homophobia and so forth are grounds for immediate removal from the chat. Check your unreasoning hatred and phobias at the door, please.

2] This is a chat for the Haunted Attraction Industry, Halloween, and all related dark'n'spooky things! Discussion here should pertain to them, or at the very least to things that are peripherally related. This is just a suggestion - feel free to talk about whatever you want to talk about, but remember why you're here.

3] You spam us: We boot you. You know the difference. So do we. Don't test this rule if you want to keep posting.

4] Having stated Rule #3, if you must spam us, it should be spam of interest to this chat. Namely, something related to Haunted Attractions, Halloween, Haunt and Horror gatherings or the horror genre in general. Nobody here wants to know about your great deals on software, mortgages, sex-enhancing drugs, get-rich-quick schemes, or where to get a cool watch. Please don't waste our time and yours by posting such tripe.

5] This is not a democracy. The Admins put in countless hours on this site; you get the benefits free of charge. That in mind, you are fully entitled to disagree and debate them, but those who feel the need to be snarky, condescending or rude to them in particular will have a short stay here.


Views and opinions expressed are those of the individuals posting, period.

If you have read and agree to the simple rules above:
Go Chat!

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